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Setting You Apart
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Setting Our Customers Apart

The Food World Live portal technology is flexible and can be applied in different ways to meet the needs of our clients.  This versatility allows us to custom tailor our solutions for each customer we partner with, truly setting them apart.

In general, our solutions fall into two main categories: a "Group Portal" model and a "Proprietary Company Portal" model. 

The Group Portal Model is built around the needs of Food Brokers, Distributors and Group Purchasing Organizations to provide a solution that arms their sales teams, and ultimately their customers, with the manufacturer content they need to drive growth for their products. Each portal library is branded & licensed for the specific organization, and manufacturers can participate by showcasing their content for exposure within the group portal user audience.

The Proprietary Company Portal is, simply put, a portal library licensed and customized for an individual company to showcase their content and deliver it exclusively to the user audience of their choice.  Our Proprietary Portal customers have complete control over the content they choose to host within their portal, the way that content is organized AND the users allowed to access it - making it an excellent solution for internal & external training and a fully customized sales & marketing resource. 


Both models are designed to:

  • Deliver 24/7, On-Demand Access to content as its needed by the user audience
  • Standardize training & education nationally and integrate as needed with other learning platforms (e.g. Learning Management Systems)
  • Streamline communication with a single source for consistent messaging on new launches, initiatives, etc.
  • Reduce costs associated with traditional conferences & training
  • Enable Sales Organizations


The Four Elements of Holistic Sales Enablement:
Content, People, Process and Tools & Technology

Sales Enablement drives revenue by directly impacting the ability of a sales team to close more deals and retain happier customers.
The Food World Live offering provides superior solutions and increased efficiency in all four areas, providing a truly holistic solution.

Sales Enablement

Your Sales Team is your lifeline
We enable them to function at the height of their ability, set the bar higher and reach NEW heights.